Monday, 23 May 2011

My last submittal

So i finally handed in my last project at university, it has been a roller coaster but am amazing experience.

I just wanted to evaluate my work in this project. The collaboration project was an exciting experience working with a large community of people to achieve one goal. I have realised that i would rather work on a large project than my own animations. It feels more satisfying knowing your work is going to put into a film. The spyder chase scene was a fun little project too, i created a short chase sequence with my friend chris while he was animating a man free running i animated a robot chasing him. it actually ended up working quite well! i had created a quick flying sequence for the chase scene that i thought could be quite nice, but we decided not to use it in the end. Unfortunately we had to create and finish it within a week or so as the rust project i have been working on collapsed due to poor rigging.

I am really happy with my single character performances, the female one, i feel needs some more work, but the 5 second male piece works really well in my opinion, the only thing is that the arms on the rigs were a little fragile to work with so it was quite a delicate procedure to animate the scenes.

The horse rigs worked really well, but for some reason i couldn't render out the walk cycle, the play blasts worked fine and so did the view port, but whenever i rendered it out the animation would go a little weird. i think this is something ill have to look at as i really want the walk in my final showreel.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Starting Rendering

So i have been really really busy recently, a lot of late nights and early mornings!
I am slowly getting there, finishing of my pieces is quite a challenge as this has been such a long project! and being an animator i will still rip my animation to pieces! But.... i am really happy with my performance this year, to be honest i did't really keep to my schedule but my work rate has been consistant this year. i had a real drive to try to improve my animations to get better and better. You can really see this improvement in my work.

At this point ive finished the animations on most of my creatures and collaberation projects, i have a little tweaking to do for the rest. So i rendered my first Animation today, the Dino run cycle. and its looking good!

Im really looking forward to showing you guys my work!


Saturday, 14 May 2011

updated chase scene

This is an update of the shot!
i am really enjoying animating this piece, and i think you can tell from the standard.
the rig is really simple to use, but the legs can be a little tricky. I really thing that robotic and creature animation is the way forward for me, but lets see.


ok, so less than a week to the deadline and we have started a new short film :o

Unfortunately the rigs for rust didn't work properly and we had to drop it because of time restrictions. So Chris and I decided to create our own cinematic. This short film was visualised within a couple of hours, and i think its going to actually look quite good. Its not a long film so dont expect anything extravagant.

but heres a quick snippet of what i have done so far.

hope u like!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dancing in love

this is a digital sketch of mine!
im really happy with the results im slowing getting better at using my graphics tablet!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Colour adjustments

I played around with the hue of the Images, i actually really think they work! For my final image i will most probably keep to the original, but its nice to know what else works with this image, for possible future use! i wanted to achieve a Trippy, Hippie style with eh hue adjustments, and i think they work perfectly. I will most probably retouch the image slightly in the near future just to polish of the piece really.

Don't Abandon Us

This is a slightly updated Animation, In this i have smoothed out alot of the curves and tried to get all the little kinks out. There is still a few problems, and i still need to render to make sure the lip sync fits! once i have animated it all, i will re texture her, and light the scene, as well as create the background.... theres alot of work to do!
The last thing i have left to animate is the hair, i have never really animated hair so this could be a challenge, the main thing is, is to get the weight of the hair constant, and not make it look too heavy, then too light.
The next update should hopefully be a nearly finished animation

Thursday, 5 May 2011


this is the finished painted piece that i have been working on, this piece was the influence for my website with the title 'Let Your Imagination Grow'. The piece shows a girl reading a book, but as she is reading it her imagination grows and all these beautiful plants and colourful smoke starts to appear.
The idea was that hopefully people start to use the full potential of their imagination more.

'The imagination is more important than knowledge'

15 Day Countdown

So i've only got 15 Days till i submit my work, I STILL HAVE A LOT TO DO! ouch.
I want to talk about my progress so far. This year has been very different from last year, i know a lot more about the business of animation and the process of it. This point last year i had a lot more work to do, and the quality of animation was a lot worse. Understanding how to animate personalities in characters was something that i hadn't quite gripped until now, i'm not saying i'm a professional at it but i know much more now.
Now its coming to the end of my education i need to really ask myself what i want to do with this trade. I find i am better at animating creatures and the body mechanic style of animation rather than the character based animation you see in pixar!
To be honest i think i really have to work in the industry to see which style i feel more comfortable working in! The reason i wanted to work in the computer animation industry was because of epic Hollywood blockbusters like Transformers and i think that's where i would feel the most comfortable working on.