Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It all went wrong.

OK so i managed to hand in my work recently, unfortunately i handed it in late due to the computers malfunctioning on the day, this meant ive got to go through mitigating circumstances. I handed a personal statement in with a mitigating circumstances form so hopefully everything will go well.

Fingers crossed.

Unfortunately it meant me handing in a low quality one, so i am re re-rendering my work so it will be posted up soon.

Showreel Stills.

Here are a few stills from my animation work for my major project.
I'm really pleased with the final outcome.

These aren't the same camera angles I've used in my actual show-reel.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


A beautiful animated short by Andreas Hykade

Solomon Vandy

Music influences me as much as art does, there is something about music that has captivated me since i was a child. I was actually looking into producing and composing music at universities before i found my passion for animation.

Here is a song that has got me through the last month while i have been stressing out over my work.

I am a huge film buff, and music has a incredibly large role in evoking emotion in film. in the future I hope to use music as effective as this song in my work.

Film Animation

Liam managed to render some of the shots from his film that i animated. I'm not sure whether they are the final ones or just test renders, but they look very cool and I'm excited to see the end result!
I'm actually really glad i managed to work on Liams film because i knew he would make sure the end result was very appealing to the eye!

Walk into dark, Test....High res from Liam Grice on Vimeo.

I had done another polished version of this one, i felt the arms were a bit too bouncy, but i think Liam had already rendered the scene! Still looks good though.

Untitled from Liam Grice on Vimeo.

I really like this animation, there is a lot i could still do to polish it up, but i had a strict deadline i had to meet otherwise my other work would have been affected

Arctic Animation

I am working on a friends short film at the moment, he has given me several scenes animating this character walking through snow caves. Its been really nice to work on something a little different for a while. The rig was a little bit tricky at first because i hadn't used biped for a while, but i eventually got into it.

Here are a couple of scenes which I animated for the film. The character was meant to be head heavy so i made him fairly bouncy as the cave floors aren't even.

cave walk2 from Michael Das on Vimeo.

This shot is meant to be showing him trying to get into the cave due to the wind. Im pretty sure this was the final animation. Ignore the random buttons.

Windy animation 3 from Michael Das on Vimeo.


This is an animation that i decided to create, i wanted to try to animate something that in reality is incredibly hard so i decided to do this.
I still need to brush up on the ending and throw some nice backgrounds in.

doorjump from Michael Das on Vimeo.

Single Character

This is one of my nearly finished animations of a man waiting for a date.

Tell me what you think, in my opinion any criticism is good criticism...... but try not to be to harsh!

Hope. from Michael Das on Vimeo.

Have i Failed?

I thought I would update you with what has happened to my work over the last 4 weeks or so. Basically two of my major project files have been completely corrupted (the most important animations by the way), I don't know whether it was a computer crash or an error I made during the early stages of creation. But anyway this means that over the last 4 weeks I have basically been knuckling down and doing a good 7 weeks of work, which has been incredibly stressful! luckily I have been motivated enough not to just give up and leave it, but to strive even harder!
The only thing that de-motivated me about this is the fact that now my work won't be anywhere near as good and polished as I wanted it. but what i have learnt is that life gives you hardships sometimes and if you just crumble and fall you will never get anywhere. You must push through and overcome!

Working on work

Ok so instead of uploading all the really early versions of my work i thought i would just put up some fairly recent ones.
i am working on my final show-reel project at the moment, it will include one single character performance without dialogue, one double character dialogue piece, a bunch of jumps and an animal animation

While i'm uploading these here's a really well shot time-lapse video of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupting. It really shows me how amazing gods creations are.

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull - May 1st and 2nd, 2010 from Sean Stiegemeier on Vimeo.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Character work

And some finalised character sheets.

This is my first attempt at drawing in photoshop, plus i was using a mouse so don't be too critical!

Pre Production.

For one of my projects i must create a pair of characters for a dialouge peice i will animate.
I chose to go for something a little more classic so i took a piece of dialouge from the film, An Affair to remember.

Here are some of the design sheets for my characters.


First Post....... Again.

Ok so i had a blog, but i hadn't updated it for a while, i went back to see what had happened and it had been removed!
im not sure what exactly happened but i thought to start a new blog instead. This time it will be Better.