Monday, 23 May 2011

My last submittal

So i finally handed in my last project at university, it has been a roller coaster but am amazing experience.

I just wanted to evaluate my work in this project. The collaboration project was an exciting experience working with a large community of people to achieve one goal. I have realised that i would rather work on a large project than my own animations. It feels more satisfying knowing your work is going to put into a film. The spyder chase scene was a fun little project too, i created a short chase sequence with my friend chris while he was animating a man free running i animated a robot chasing him. it actually ended up working quite well! i had created a quick flying sequence for the chase scene that i thought could be quite nice, but we decided not to use it in the end. Unfortunately we had to create and finish it within a week or so as the rust project i have been working on collapsed due to poor rigging.

I am really happy with my single character performances, the female one, i feel needs some more work, but the 5 second male piece works really well in my opinion, the only thing is that the arms on the rigs were a little fragile to work with so it was quite a delicate procedure to animate the scenes.

The horse rigs worked really well, but for some reason i couldn't render out the walk cycle, the play blasts worked fine and so did the view port, but whenever i rendered it out the animation would go a little weird. i think this is something ill have to look at as i really want the walk in my final showreel.

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