Thursday, 5 May 2011

15 Day Countdown

So i've only got 15 Days till i submit my work, I STILL HAVE A LOT TO DO! ouch.
I want to talk about my progress so far. This year has been very different from last year, i know a lot more about the business of animation and the process of it. This point last year i had a lot more work to do, and the quality of animation was a lot worse. Understanding how to animate personalities in characters was something that i hadn't quite gripped until now, i'm not saying i'm a professional at it but i know much more now.
Now its coming to the end of my education i need to really ask myself what i want to do with this trade. I find i am better at animating creatures and the body mechanic style of animation rather than the character based animation you see in pixar!
To be honest i think i really have to work in the industry to see which style i feel more comfortable working in! The reason i wanted to work in the computer animation industry was because of epic Hollywood blockbusters like Transformers and i think that's where i would feel the most comfortable working on.

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