Thursday, 20 May 2010

Have i Failed?

I thought I would update you with what has happened to my work over the last 4 weeks or so. Basically two of my major project files have been completely corrupted (the most important animations by the way), I don't know whether it was a computer crash or an error I made during the early stages of creation. But anyway this means that over the last 4 weeks I have basically been knuckling down and doing a good 7 weeks of work, which has been incredibly stressful! luckily I have been motivated enough not to just give up and leave it, but to strive even harder!
The only thing that de-motivated me about this is the fact that now my work won't be anywhere near as good and polished as I wanted it. but what i have learnt is that life gives you hardships sometimes and if you just crumble and fall you will never get anywhere. You must push through and overcome!

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