Thursday, 20 May 2010

Film Animation

Liam managed to render some of the shots from his film that i animated. I'm not sure whether they are the final ones or just test renders, but they look very cool and I'm excited to see the end result!
I'm actually really glad i managed to work on Liams film because i knew he would make sure the end result was very appealing to the eye!

Walk into dark, Test....High res from Liam Grice on Vimeo.

I had done another polished version of this one, i felt the arms were a bit too bouncy, but i think Liam had already rendered the scene! Still looks good though.

Untitled from Liam Grice on Vimeo.

I really like this animation, there is a lot i could still do to polish it up, but i had a strict deadline i had to meet otherwise my other work would have been affected

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