Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Rise of the Guardians

I saw just saw this trailer and at first I didn't know what to think! when I saw the poster, with a large rabbit that looked to be low poly like a game character and the title of 'RISE OF THE GUARDIANS' which made me think of a very shabby prequel of legend of the guardians. therefore obviously I had to watch the trailer to see what studio would actually create such a film. As the trailer started my thoughts started to fade away, the CG is good quality and the film has nothing to do with owls that talk!
So other questions started to arise, Is this going to be a classic money making blockbuster or is this going to be a well thought out intricate film that leaves most dumbstruck? But when i saw Guillermo del Toros name as an executive producer i thought to myself for him to get involved it must be something, and then the trailer started to get interesting, away from the obvious and towards the original. certain aspects of the trailer reminded me of scenes from studio ghibli films, but don't get me wrong this is still far off from a CG Spirited away.
This film has the potential of being this years Christmas CGI hit, but i guess we will have to wait and find out

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