Thursday, 28 June 2012

Busy Bunny

I have been really lazy with keeping this Blog up to date so I have decided to change things up a bit with the Blog, give it a slightly new look, as well as the image of this Blog I will also be updating the content with songs, photographs, illustrations... just about anything that interests me. Things have been going well for me, I have my fingers in many different pies right now, expanding my creative skills and talents but right now most of these projects will be kept secret until the time is right to show the world. Saying that I have a couple of projects that I am happy to tell you about, I have been helping a local businessman set up a local Cafe in Dunton Green called Bojangles Coffee House, he asked me to come in and brand the company as well as designing the interior for him.The cafe will all be finished by beginning of July with the interior fully finished, and so far its going to look like an amazing place. The doom collaberation went well and we finsihed of the piece about a month ago, but i have been too lazy to post things so here you finally go, this will be available as an A3 Print soon so people look out!

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