Sunday, 3 April 2011

Animal animation problems

Ok, so the plan for my show-reel was too have 20 seconds of great lioness animation, including a lion hunt and chase where the true elasticity of lions are shown, as well as several chained lioness attacks where the lioness is held back by a chain.
Unfortunately after trying to use the rigged model there were some problems with the mesh that meant that the model is unusable.
This was not due to a poor rig it was due to the model itself not being created to an industry level, the model was made by someone outside of university.

Due to this i have had to change around my show-reel, instead i have created two different horse cycles, and one rapture walk cycle.


  1. Sorry to hear Mike. Wish I could have made it work for you. :/

  2. oh no worries dannie, im going to give it a go and try doing something, but i dont know if will look realistic.